Why Landline

An integrated first and last mile platform for airlines. Leverage ground transportation to expand your network
Who We Are

An experienced, multi-modal operator serving large hubs​

Ride Landline to any airline

Smoothing the Travel Day for Customers & Airlines

  • Reconnect Communities via Premium Transport
    Provide high-quality service to cities too far for mass transit and with unfavorable economics on regional jets​
  • passengers
    Reduce TSA Checkpoint Congestion in Hubs
    Each Landline route can reduce hub TSA checkpoint use by shifting screening and check-in to regional airports
  • Move Toward
    Net-Zero CO2
    Our operations from a typical hub can reduce CO2 emissions ​by thousands of metric tons/year
Ride Landline to any airline

Landline Experience is Seamless and Premium

Our signature onboard product extends the high-quality experience customers have onboard their flights​

Enjoy the ride

  • Landline airport shuttles
    36”+ inches of legroom,​ premium leather seating,​ power outlets at every row​
  • Landline Airport Shuttles
    Streaming entertainment,​ “gate to gate” high-speed wi-fi,​ frequent flyer mile accrual​
  • Landline Airport Shuttles
    95%+ on-time performance,​ flight connections guaranteed by airline in case of delays​
Solving CO2 emissions

A Greener Solution

By Reducing Congestion, Landline Drives Sustainability Gains​

The Big Picture

One New Landline Hub Saves:

  • Green solutions for airlines
    Up to 10,000 metric tons/year of​ averted CO2 emissions
  • Co2 solutions for airlines
    Equivalent to CO2 sequestered by ~150,000+ trees​ -- 9x the number of trees in NYC Central Park

Our short-haul network removes automobile traffic & emissions from roadways, driving benefits for all​

saving on car emissions
Landline Airport Shuttles